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IGM Looks Great in Print!

A Print Subscription to the Indie Game Magazine includes 6 Bi-Monthly Issues.  Buying each issue individually would cost you over $60, but a subscription saves you about 40% and is only $39.95 in the United States.  The print version saves you from having to download any software and you won’t need to sit in front of a computer to read and enjoy an issue.  There’s no compatibility or reading issues when you can just carry your copy of the Indie Game Magazine around with you.  If you’re not sold on a print subscription, purchase a single issue from Magcloud and see for yourself how great IGM looks in print.  If you decide to go with a print subscription later, we’ll happily refund you the cost of your first issue and fold it into your annual subscription.  Print Subscriptions are available in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. If you don’t live in one of those countries, contact us about international subscriptions.

All IndieGameMag’s Printed Editions are served by MagCloud.  MagCloud is a print on Demand Service powered by HP labs.  With MagCloud every magazine is printed to order, so there’s no issues of IGM sitting around in a warehouse, no paper wasted, and no major impact on the environment. MagCloud uses HP Indigo technology, so every issue is custom-printed when it’s ordered. Printing on demand means no big print runs, which means no pre-publishing expense. Magazines are brilliant full color on 80lb paper with saddle-stitched covers. They look awesome.

Print Subscriptions
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