Side With Anna And Her Telekinetic Powers In “Anna’s Quest”

Anna’s Quest

Anna’s Quest is an interesting point-and-click adventure game that was originally inspired by The Brothers Grimm & Hans Christian Andersen. What makes it different though? Anna’s Quest has a sci-fi twist to it! Point-and-click games, as you know, aren’t so popular these days, but Anna’s Quest offers something unique and special in terms of story. The story follows Anna (as the name of the suggests), who is a young girl desperately trying to find a cure for her Grandpa’s sickness. In the mean time, she has been thrown in a tower under lock and key by an evil witch. Bad news for the old witch though. Anna has telekinetic forces within her and her own ways to escape the tower.

The game is a point-and-click, so it’s easily explainable. This specific title seems to be more focused on the story than your average point-and-click where it’s about solving puzzles and etc. While there is some of it there, Anna’s Quest is very story driven. It seems to have been getting some good feedback, so apparently in terms of design, that was a great way to go. One part of the game that players are going to absolutely love is the fact that the game is entirely voice acted and is packed with its very own original soundtrack.

Anna’s Quest has a free demo and if you decide to purchase the full game, it’s going to set you back by $5. It is completely DRM free, so that is something players will also enjoy. You can head on over to developer Krams Design’s website to either download the demo or purchase the game.

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