Skinny, Chewy, Tiny And Big: The 1st Independent Propeller Awards at SxSW

indiepub awards

Robin Arnott’s Deep Sea won the Intel Innovation Award. Deep Sea is a pretty wild gameplay encounter that pushes the limits of what we experience with sound only.

Best Audio went to Skinny, but to be honest, I was so stunned by the use of sound in Deep Sea that I didn’t really process any sound in Skinny.

Chewy, is a cute game about an intrepid piece of bubblegum (from devs called Happy Candy Land). I really enjoyed this one at the demo pavilion, can’t say I completed many objectives since I got sidetracked fooling around with the gum. Anyway, Chewy won for Best Design.

Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers, from Black Pants Games, received the Unity Excellence Award.

The physics/puzzle game, Creo, from Turtle Sandbox (I think I had one of those when I was little) received the Technical Excellence  Award.  Uncanny Fish Hunt won for Best Art.

The Grand Prize winner was GLiD, an ambient / exploration PC game.

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