SpyParty Early-Access Beta

SpyParty is a multiplayer espionage game that focuses on human behavior, perception and deception. It explores what being a spy is about in much more detail than any other game i’ve come across, and has been on my radar for some time now. It’s been in development since 2009, with it getting a huge amount of press after being shown at GDC 2010.

After a lot of requests, it’s developer Chris Hecker is now taking sign-ups for an early-access beta. It’ll be a paid beta but it doesn’t cost anything to put your name down, so don’t worry if you change your mind at the last minute. Pricing is planned to be around $15 but it’ll ensure you can play the beta as much as you like and get you a copy of the finished game when its released on PC.

Early access and a full version of the game sounds incredibly reasonable for $15 as I can’t imagine it being much more expensive than that on release. If you’re interested in helping SpyParty’s development, get over to this page.

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