Subsoap Announces ‘Infinity Bundle’, The Bundle That Keeps on Growing

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Hot off the heels of the umpteen indie bundles that have sprung up already this year, indie developers Subsoap are now in on the act. But there’s a twist.

Subsoap’s Infinity Bundle, available from today until 30th April, offers purchasers the chance to own not only the entire Subsoap gaming catalogue to date, but also every game the company develops from this point onwards.

So, what are you getting? Well, first, there’s the already released Faerie Solitaire, along with its in-development sequel, Faerie Solitaire II. You’ll also receive two other confirmed, but yet-to-be-released titles by the name of Faerie Alchemy, a puzzle-fantasy adventure, and FaeSaga, a so-called “experimental project” that offers “classic adventure gameplay re-imagined.” Details are sketchy at this stage, but the official Infinity Bundle site makes reference to the possibilities of cross-platform play and RPG mechanics.

Rounding off the bundle in its current, unfinished state are two secret games, the first of which is described as “a card game that will give you nightmares,” set for release later this year. That’s accompanied by an untitled puzzle game with a fantasy story, also scheduled for a 2012 release.

The games will all be released DRM-free and will be available for download through Subsoap’s official site, with redeemable Steam keys also promised for any future Subsoap titles that make their way onto Valve’s digital distribution service. Giftable versions of the bundle will also be available, and individuals donating over $100 USD to a secular charity of their choice will receive an additional bundle key courtesy of Subsoap, provided they disclose a copy of the receipt.

The Infinity Bundle also comes with a pretty nifty 90-day refund policy, allowing dissatisfied buyers to receive a full reimbursement if they so desire, offering customers the extra peace of mind that’s so rarely associated with digital purchases in this day and age.

What’s more is that anyone who purchased a Subsoap product directly from the company itself will already be entitled to an Infinity Bundle key, and those who bought a Subsoap product from a third-party site may also be entitled to a key by following the steps laid out here.

Should you decide to bite on the offer, the Infinity Bundle will set you back either $27, $47 or $97, depending on your own personal choice. It’s available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, HTML5 and any other platform Subsoap decides to support in the future.

To purchase the Infinity Bundle, or to find out more about it, head over to its official site.

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