‘Super Meat Boy’ Hits Platinum, Sells 1 Million Units

Super Meat Boy
Super Meat Boy

Team Meat shared some glorious information with their Twitter followers today, remarkably the game has sold 1 million units. Good job lads!

Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes have come a long way since the inception of Meat Boy which started off as a free Flash game. They worked to the bone on their follow up title, Super Meat Boy and finally got it released on to Xbox Live on October 20th 2010. The game opened up to stellar reviews and became somewhat of a cult phenomenon as it struck big in the mainstream market, outside of the indie sphere.

Releases on other platformes soon followed, allowing further increases in sales and the gaining of new fans. Publicity came in the form of word of mouth, a disagreement with PETA and a featured development story in the upcoming Indie Game: The Movie. It’s been an emotional journey for the pair, tears and laughter were abundant, but now they can celebrate with the sale of the millionth copy of their stellar platformer.

The tweet said simply: “Fun Fact: Super Meat Boy past the million sales mark last month! PLATINUM BABY”

The development duo continue to work on their next project which is still very much a secret, but we hope they can match the legacy they created with Super Meat Boy. Good luck to them!

You can find out more information on Super Meat Boy and Team Meat on the official blog.

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