Super Meat Boy Level Editor & Super Meat World are now live on PC.

What if I said you could sink your teeth into a big juicy level editor and upload your delicious creations for everyone to taste for free? Yeah okay I’ll quit it with the food descriptions…

The editor can be downloaded by looking in the tools option on your Steam library. Everything you’ve played in SMB’s levels can be recreated, apart from the warps zones and bosses. Your levels can even have its own custom titles, music and can be turned into full chapters complete with par times. The full list of characters can all be edited in as well, without the need of unlocking them first in-game.

When you upload your masterpiece, it’ll be put on the Super Meat World for the masses to play and judge. Chapters and levels will be hand-picked by the developer Team Meat, to become recommended chapters.

Team Meat then finished their update by announcing they’re currently working on the Mac port of SMB and then will officially move onto their next game, which they’ve confirmed will not be a sequel.

IGM’s Editor-in-Chief Mike gave Super Meat Boy a 94/100 earlier this year.

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