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Student Project Pinwheel Cartwheels to Mobile and PC

“Student Game Developers: Got Game?” is the question asked on the clay.io page, looking for fledgling game makers to post their creations. The challenge? Create an HTML 5 game that’s mobile-friendly. Patrick Pistor’s entry for..

Gunplay Bets on 2D Sci-fi Complexity

Shocknights Studios’ newest game is called Gunplay, a sci-fi 2D platform shooter. It’s not just any old 2D game, going beyond the typical jump and shoot buttons while defeating enemies and doing some platforming. To start..

Power-Up Review – Just Needs A Little More Pow

Power-Up Review – Just Needs A Little More Pow

Power-Up is an entertaining 2D sidescrolling space shooter, inspired by old school shoot-em-ups such as R-Type, Hellfire, and Project-X. While it does little to innovate, it offers up plenty of retro-styled sidescrolling thrills with plenty of..

Imagine Me Enters Early Access

Imagine that. Today, developer KinifiGames released their early access build of Imagine Me. The game is a 2D adventure platformer that tells the story of a young boy named Robbe. Well, what little he can..

Teslagrad Review

Teslagrad Review

 Rain Games is a developer that understands the golden rule of spinning a good story: Show, Don’t Tell. Completely eschewing the written word and spoken dialogue, Teslagrad’s tale is told purely through its gorgeous visuals..

New Darkout patch brings major refinements

Indie micro-studio Allgraf have released a new patch for 2D craft-em-up Darkout. Patch 1.2.3 brings a number of overhauls designed to improve the player experience – an overhauled user interface and a new tutorial, among..

Steamworld Dig Review

Steamworld Dig Review

Sometimes you can tell straight away whether or not you’re going to enjoy a game. While plenty of titles can take time to grow on you, requiring a lot of investment before you truly appreciate..

Ouya Gem ‘TowerFall’ Heading to PC with New Content

Excellent 2D brawler – and Current Ouya-exclusive – TowerFall is getting a content-enhanced PC release later this year, developer Matt Thorson has announced. The local multiplayer title won the hearts of many over the past..