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The Indie Dev Grant Submissions Now Being Taken

  Bundle In A Box and Kyttaro Games have announced a new Indie Dev Grant along with the announcement of the impending Capsule Computers Indie Game Bundle, which will go live in the near future...

Bundle in a Box Returns with ‘Eclectic Delights’

There’s been much discussion about indie game bundles of late, primarily because of the controversial Humble THQ Bundle. This split opinion across the web, and caused many to question the relevance and ethics of indie game..

Bundle in a Box ‘Indie Dev Grant’ Nominees Announced

The list of nominees for the rather imperious-looking Indie Dev Grant have been officially revealed. As detailed two weeks ago, the Indie Dev Grant is a financially-driven scheme conceived by the folks behind the ongoing Bundle..

More ‘Bundle In A Box’ Details Eke Out

Here’s an age old question: “What’s in the box?” Well, we’ll readily admit that, in the case of Bundle in a Box, we’re still not certain, but we’re now just that little bit closer to..