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Project Nimbus development nearing completion

Project Nimbus was already well into development by GameCrafterTeam  before they posted there project on Kickstarter less than a week ago. In that period Project Nimbus has already managed to rack up nearly 1000 backers..

Music Bundle For BIT.TRIP Lovers

A new Game Music Bundle  entitled BIT.TRIP Lovers’ Bundle, it includes all the soundtracks from the BIT.TRIP game series and, as a surprising change to the Game Music Bundles, a game is included, depending on..

Bundle in a Box Returns with ‘Eclectic Delights’

There’s been much discussion about indie game bundles of late, primarily because of the controversial Humble THQ Bundle. This split opinion across the web, and caused many to question the relevance and ethics of indie game..

Last Day to Grab The Game Music Bundle 4

Today is the final day to take advantage of Bundle Dragon’s Game Music Bundle 4. The bundle utilizes a pay-what-you-want model, with two rewards tiers. Paying more than $1 gets buyers the Spelunky soundtrack by..