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Death in Candlewood Goes for Dark 1940s Nostalgia

Silent Hill, F.E.A.R, BioShock, The Witcher – what do those games have anything to do with the indie scene? The games themselves, perhaps little, but the all-star developers behind those titles are coming together for..

Tower of Guns Review: Weak Foundation

Tower of Guns Review: Weak Foundation

Clutching my Pizza Thrower (which actually spits out flying sawblades, not an oven-baked flat bread), I shoot at the door, opening it, because Video Game Logic. I survey the large hall, a neo-gothic foundry with..

Old-School FPS Homage ‘Visorman’ Heading to Ouya

After the phenomenal Kickstarter success of Ouya, the $99 Android-powered games console, the main concern has been whether the device will attract sufficient developer support. Thankfully, as we gear up for the Summer release, such..