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IGM Game Builds – 3 For Free

Welcome to the third installment of 3 For Free,  a series where we take a look at indie projects early in development. The good news for fans is that if you see something interesting here, there..

IGM Forum Finds – Bonelands

In the world of turn-based strategy, there are a few things that may keep people from becoming invested, and as anyone who’s played an endless game of Risk can tell you, the main factor is time...

GOG Begins Rapid-Fire “Fall Insomnia Sale”

In an interesting twist on the traditional digital distribution sale, GOG.com has started their “DRM-Free Fall Insomnia Sale“. The sale features limited quantities of downloadable titles at a discount price. A game will be listed..

IGM Community Update – December 17th

Hello readers and community members! Welcome to our weekly Community Update. We have been pushing even harder to make The Indie Game Magazine the friendliest place around for indie fans and developers. Let’s get to..

IGM Community Update – December 10th

Hello readers!  Welcome to the first IGM Community Update! Before we go any further, I should explain what the Community Update is. We at the Indie Game Magazine have been making a massive push for..

Indie Intermission Week 2 – Sunday Round Up

Yet another week flies by and the level of games that have been featured here seems to be consistently outstanding, from cats and lasers to eerie enthralling platformers this week really has seen a lot of great quality content.  Very much..