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Global Game Jam 2014 Brings Thousands of New Games

Global Game Jam 2014 closed its doors yesterday with over 4000 games made in 48 hours. More than 23,000 participants across 72 countries lost countless hours of sleep as they imagined, invented, and built new..

Global Game Jam – Dawn of the Final Day

Jammers have entered crunch time as the final countdown of the Global Game Jam begins its sweep across the globe. Saturday morning, thousands of aspiring game creators wiped the sleep crust from their eyes, downed..

Global Game Jam 2014 Begins its Spread

The sixth annual 48 hour Global Game Jam began yesterday afternoon in over 450 locations, up from 319 the previous year. Vancouver celebrated the title of largest jam this year so far with 368 participants;..

IGM Aus – In The Community

It’s hard being me. On the one hand, I’m putting all my spare time into IGM and supporting whatever Indie initiatives that I can. On the other, my personal game time has dipped well below..