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Death in Candlewood Goes for Dark 1940s Nostalgia

Silent Hill, F.E.A.R, BioShock, The Witcher – what do those games have anything to do with the indie scene? The games themselves, perhaps little, but the all-star developers behind those titles are coming together for..

IGM Forum Finds: Caffeine

Let’s clarify the title up front: No, we did not find a supply of coffee in the forums. We do not have the technology. But rest assured, should it become available it’s definitely something we’ll..

ReLive Preview – Modern-day Ghosts

Horror game fans, rejoice, because something good is coming your way. The team of three Australian devs that make up  Inactive Pixel Studios are fulfilling their dreams of producing a game while simultaneously bringing nightmares..

IGM Forum Finds – Project: Night

First-person horror games seem to have been all the rage in the recent year or so. That helpless, up-close perspective does wonders to the experience, usually double-teaming the player with combat inability. It’s almost like..

Help Shape ReLive, The Next Big Horror Game

Inactive Pixel Studios is an Australian development team shaping a new horror game centered on psychological experiences and hauntings. In ReLive, an unnamed protagonist finds himself in a multiple-floor building that serves as a limbo..