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IGM Forum Finds: Caffeine

Let’s clarify the title up front: No, we did not find a supply of coffee in the forums. We do not have the technology. But rest assured, should it become available it’s definitely something we’ll..

IGM Forum Finds – Project: Night

First-person horror games seem to have been all the rage in the recent year or so. That helpless, up-close perspective does wonders to the experience, usually double-teaming the player with combat inability. It’s almost like..

The Mims: Beginning commences Indiegogo campaign.

The Mims: Beginning has become the latest indie hopeful to head down the crowd-funding route, popping up on Indiegogo. And it’s a bit of a looker, putting many so-called “AAA” games to shame with a..

Mental Swedish game Pollo heads to Indiegogo

Those crazy Swedes are at it again. When they’re not inflicting misery on the world by selling flat-packed furniture with screws missing (something which, at this stage, I’m sure is some sort of deliberate prank..

‘Frontiers’ Kicks Off June With Funding Campaign

  AAD Productions launched an Indiegogo campaign this weekend for Frontiers, an RPG that blends the open-world of first-person games with the relaxed pace and feel of point-and-click adventures. The campaign began Saturday, with a..