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Indie Links Round-Up: Yak, Yak, Yak

Lugaru, Mark of the Ninja, Scratches, Minecraft… you’re sure to have heard of at least some of those games, right?  Well, today’s Indie Links bring you new games from the developers behind them. An Essay..

Dev Links: Snow Dog

Today’s Developer Links stress the importance of good tools, as one developer shares his game prototyping kit, another remarks on unexpected use being made of an open source project he created, another discusses tools of sorts..

Dev Links: Prison Talk

Today’s Developer Links bid farewell to 2012 with a couple retrospectives on the past year. Also, swords. It Is Done. (Bientôt l’été) “Three years after our previous release, two years after acquiring production funding, 15 months after the reference..

Dev Links: At The Desk

Today’s Developer Links give you the opportunity to learn from Magic: The Gathering, an example of a Windows debugging issue, and more YouTube reviews of indie games than you could ever find time to watch...

Dev Links: Sniping At Santa

Today’s Developer Links bring you reminders of things to dread, like deadlines and holiday crush and trying to break into large markets as a smaller developer.  Enjoy! GDC 2013 Announces The Return Of GDC Play..

Dev Links: Finding The Path

Today’s Developer Links will help you find accessible areas in your game, interest hardcore players in freemium games, and recognize bad coding decisions. Four Meditations On Bad Design Decisions (AltDevBlogADay) “A major rewrite like this..

Dev Links: Eyes On The Ground

In today’s Developer Links: attracting investors for your indie game, attracting players by offering free samples, and attracting controversy with the perennial question of video games as art. What Do Investors Look For In A..

Dev Links: Comet

In today’s Developer Links, one developer shows off his game’s music, another talks about his level design, and another shows off concept sketches. Meanwhile, one game designer shows that you don’t even need to know..

Dev Links: No Going Back

Meet some of the jurors of  the next Independent Games Festival. Ponder the ramifications of free-to-play games. Consider the role of storytelling in adventure games. All in today’s Developer Links. IGF 2012 Debuts Initial Nuovo,..