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Third Eye Crime Sneakily Launches on iOS

Fans of red-headed femme fatales and sharp noir storytelling will be pleased to hear that Third Eye Crime has released for iOS. The stealth puzzler by the ex-AAA devs at Moonshot Games – who previously..

PAX East First Impressions – Revolution 60

It takes some serious balls to promote your indie game as “Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect“, but that’s precisely how the team at Giant Spacekat is describing their debut project, Revolution 60. Well, perhaps “balls”..

Archange – Save Jenkins, Save…His Hat

Olivier Philbert is a newcomer to the indie dev scene, and his first game is an app for iPhone and iPad called Archange. In it, you play a guardian angel saddled with the task of protecting..

Aerena – Bite Sized Battles

Aerena is a fun new hero-centric turn-based tactical combat game with a unique Ætherpunk setting that allows players to play against each other across iOS, Android, and Steam. Set in an alternate world where the discovery..

IGM Freebies Giveaway! (March 13, 2014)

Welcome back everyone, to another edition of IGM Freebies. If you’re new to the giveaway and haven’t seen the Rules of Entry before, they can be found here. Just to remind everyone of the format,..