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‘Lone Survivor’ Coming Soon To PS3 And Vita

Jasper Byrne’s popular survival horror game Lone Survivor will soon be making its way to a whole new platform. According to the man himself, UK developer Curve Studios will be handling the conversion of Lone..

‘Lone Survivor’ Official Soundtrack Outed

Amidst the fantastic critical reception it’s garnered over the past week, you’d think that Jasper Byrne might have taken a break from Lone Survivor-related announcements. You’d be wrong. If you can’t get enough of the game’s..

A Date With Death: ‘Lone Survivor’ Dated And Priced

Jasper Byrne of Superflat World has announced the release date and price oh his highly-anticipated side-scrolling survival horror Lone Survivor! We’ve been waiting for ages but now the news has arrived at last! Lone Survivor..

‘Lone Survivor’ Will Arrive This Very Month

Jasper Byrne, or Superflat World as he is also known, has taken to Twitter and announced that Lone Survivor will be coming out this month, March 2012! Capital letters were used and everything. I thought..