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PAX East First Impressions – Revolution 60

It takes some serious balls to promote your indie game as “Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect“, but that’s precisely how the team at Giant Spacekat is describing their debut project, Revolution 60. Well, perhaps “balls”..

IGM Forum Finds: Caffeine

Let’s clarify the title up front: No, we did not find a supply of coffee in the forums. We do not have the technology. But rest assured, should it become available it’s definitely something we’ll..

Life Goes On Preview – Sadistic Fun

Infinite Monkeys Entertainment, in Alberta, Canada, seems to be founded on a sick sense of humor. (Which in this case, turns out to be an honest compliment!) With their forthcoming title Life Goes On, they invite..

IGM Forum Finds: Ama’s Lullaby

In the world of survival RPGs, fantastical worlds and tragic main characters aren’t that uncommon. In the world of indie games, sometimes style is sacrificed for substance, and vice-versa. Ama’s Lullaby hopes to change that with..

Explore Meditation Through Games with SoundSelf

Conceptual games often have loftier goals than simply that of entertainment, and SoundSelf is no exception. A project by Robin Arnott (sound creator for Antichamber, and developer of the isolation terror-fest Deep Sea), SoundSelf is a project geared toward..