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Nicalis to release ‘Cave Story’ 2D in 3D

Nicalis, the publisher responsible for porting Terry Cavanagh’s rage inducing VVVVVV to Nintendo’s three dimensional magic machine is busy making yet another port of the ever popular Cave Story. This time around the title will..

VVVVVV Listed As January 2012 3DS Release

Nintendo has revealed its lineup of game releases on the 3DS for 2012 with VVVVVV scheduled for January. The title was originally released on PC in 2010 and has been deemed ready for the leap..

VVVVVV Heading to the Nintendo 3DS

VVVVVV, which was released nearly two years ago for PC, is now making its way to the Nintendo 3DS and will, of course, be presented in 3D. The below is from Nicalis’ blog. Nicalis, Inc., developer..