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GOG Charity Promo: Pick 3 For $5, 100% To Charity

Earlier today, digital distribution company GOG (Good Old Games) launched a charity promotion which allows buyers to pay $5 or more and select three games from a list of ten. Buyers then select which of..

The IGM Trailer Park – Lot #3

The IGM Trailer Park – Lot #3 Hey, happy November everyone! This week in the IGM Trailer Park we check out the newest trailer for the sequel to the hit horror game, Amnesia: The Dark..

Super Snazzy Platformer ‘Pid’ Releases

Today, Might and Delight released Pid,  the team’s first game. This past July, I was able to interview Wendy Young, the managing director at Might and Delight. I asked her about the team’s direction with..

Success!: ‘Pid’ Confirmed For Xbox Live Arcade Launch

You just can’t keep a sprightly platformer down. Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement that developers Might and Delight were targeting an August release for Pid, their laugh-a-minute run-and-jump-athon in which players pit their..

Leap Year: ‘Pid’ To Release In August

Swedish development studio Might and Delight has revealed that its mesmerising pseudo-2D platformer, Pid, is likely to be see a commercial release this August. In an article over at Joystiq, it was confirmed that the..