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Student Project Pinwheel Cartwheels to Mobile and PC

“Student Game Developers: Got Game?” is the question asked on the clay.io page, looking for fledgling game makers to post their creations. The challenge? Create an HTML 5 game that’s mobile-friendly. Patrick Pistor’s entry for..

Gunplay Bets on 2D Sci-fi Complexity

Shocknights Studios’ newest game is called Gunplay, a sci-fi 2D platform shooter. It’s not just any old 2D game, going beyond the typical jump and shoot buttons while defeating enemies and doing some platforming. To start..

Magnetic by Nature – Full of Robotic Adventure

Imagine – you’re the last robot still functional. Your friends are scattered throughout ruins, disabled and lost, and you must make your way to each one to reactivate them. This is the premise of Magnetic By..

Imagine Me Enters Early Access

Imagine that. Today, developer KinifiGames released their early access build of Imagine Me. The game is a 2D adventure platformer that tells the story of a young boy named Robbe. Well, what little he can..

Kinect-based Game Fru Wins Big at Global Game Jam 2014

During this year’s Global Game Jam, a battlefield of 48 sleepless, fruitful developer hours, Fru garnered both the audience’s and judge’s recognition at their local Jam, in Breda, Netherlands. The theme this year was “we don’t see..

Rain World Has Slugcats, Kickstarter

Project Rain World launched its Kickstarter today, racking in almost 60% funding in its first 24 hours. The two-man development team has earned $15,000 in pledges towards their $25,000 base-funding goal which will help them..

Teslagrad Review

Teslagrad Review

 Rain Games is a developer that understands the golden rule of spinning a good story: Show, Don’t Tell. Completely eschewing the written word and spoken dialogue, Teslagrad’s tale is told purely through its gorgeous visuals..

Steamworld Dig Review

Steamworld Dig Review

Sometimes you can tell straight away whether or not you’re going to enjoy a game. While plenty of titles can take time to grow on you, requiring a lot of investment before you truly appreciate..