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Pax East Preview – FRACT

The initial question FRACT brings up is basic: What is this game even about? The one-sentence answer is, “it’s a music-exploration game”, but what does that mean? Canadian developer Phosfiend Systems brings the player a new..

Magnetized – Launch Trailer

About the Game: Magnetized is an 2D retro-physics-puzzle-action game. This is a game about chasing dreams. Chasing dreams is like walking alone on an endless road, direction is so clear but way to long, trying..

Farspace Announces Game — Hyphen

Have you ever tried to push a stick through a tree trunk… without touching anything? Oh and the wind is blowing… and the stick is spinning… and the tree is also spinning! That is pretty..

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Finally Gets Release Date

It seems like forever since the first episode  of Telltale Games’ new endeavor The Wolf Among Us was released on multiple platforms back in October of 2013. Since then, fans of the game as well as numerous gaming..

The Room 2 Review

The Room 2 Review

The need to escape from a room is one of the simplest and oldest traditions in gaming. Over the decades there have been hundreds of variations on this simple idea and it’s not a premise..