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IGM Forum Finds – Roche Fusion

Roche Fusion is a frantic, addictive, fast paced and fun procedurally generated arcade shoot-em-up with gorgeous visuals, and some fantastically over-the-top weaponry.  It’s also tough, so tough in-fact that the first time you play you’ll..

Power-Up Review – Just Needs A Little More Pow

Power-Up Review – Just Needs A Little More Pow

Power-Up is an entertaining 2D sidescrolling space shooter, inspired by old school shoot-em-ups such as R-Type, Hellfire, and Project-X. While it does little to innovate, it offers up plenty of retro-styled sidescrolling thrills with plenty of..

Take a look at new mech game Project Nimbus

If you enjoyed Strike Suit Zero and classic Playstation 2 game Zone of the Enders, then you might be interested in Project Nimbus, a new Mecha shoot-em-up from new developer GameCrafterTeam seeking crowd-funding [cloud-funding? I'll..

‘Chroma Cell’ Released – Pay What You Want

Two-dimensional space shoot-em-ups are filled with contradictions. The massiveness of space is confined to a small square that the participating ships are incapable of escaping. But a more important irony is that these games often..