Take A Chill Pill: Pre-Order ‘Proteus’ For Instant Beta Access


Don’t pick up a penguin, pre-order Proteus! Perfect for a bit of downtime or just a chill out session, Proteus takes music and exploration to a whole new level of serene.

Proteus has had a steadily growing reputation for months now so you may be interested to know that you can play it right now. But woah there Nelly – it’s going to cost you. Not like it won’t be worth it of course, unless you absolutely hate things chill, quiet and generally pleasant. Let’s add ‘a little strange’ to that list as well because Proteus is set within a procedurally generated, pixely landscape and features the music of David Kanaga.

Somehow, in between the jagged lines and the alien-warp music, Proteus finds some hidden bliss as you frolic with awkward looking birds and skip amongst the trees. It’s definitely a journey for the mind, to let your imagination slip into this odd realm as you did when bored in your youth, altering the state of reality with your mind. You can get a gist of the game in the short trailer below, but for a much better look, you’ll want to head over to the pre-order page.

Currently Proteus is available on Windows only, but a Mac and Linux version is coming shortly. There are two pre-order options: Standard ($10) and Artifact ($40) – more details here.

More information on Proteus can be found on the official website.

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