The 5 Buttons Competition: Get Your Game Played In A Swimming Pool!

5 Buttons Competition
5 Buttons Competition

The organizers behind Experimental Gameplay Project are holding a very intriguing competition which could mean your game gets played in a 19th century swimming pool. That’s one to tell the grandchildren! Entering the competition also offers cash prizes to the finalists as it will be judged by the attendees of the Stattmedia Game Contest.

Bringing in the new year is being done in a novel way by Experimental Game Project who are leaving the typical confines of their tiny screens for a more spacious floor in the form of a swimming pool. The monthly competition is actually being held over two months this time around, December and January, and introduces some specific rules due to the change in playing space. They have teamed up with Outside Standing Level to deliver the 5 Buttons Competition. It sounds simple but it is remarkably not so.

The idea is to design a game using only the buttons 1 to 5 to interact with the game. These buttons will not be pressed on a keyboard but instead stepped upon by the player in the swimming pool in Berlin’s Stattbad Gallery. These buttons are part of 02L > Outside Standing Level’s Unita Zero platform, an audio/visual playground made up of 5 pressure pads hooked up to a projector and audio system. This will then project the display of the game on to a huge screen and the sound through a powerful audio system which is intended to echo around the pool room. All things to consider when designing a game of course.

If you wish to enter the competition, you should head over to the submit page for more details. Each entry must be made in less than seven days, be made by one person, be submitted by January 31st and comply with the rules of the 5 Buttons Competition as seen below:

“Your game should:

1) run on Windows 7 x64 (intel core-i7, NVidia GPU (260GTX+), 6GB RAM+)
2) use keys ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘5’ as primary or alternate controlling keys set (every interaction in the game, including navigating game’s states, must be handled by such keys).
3) run on a single fullscreen window (by default) maximum/optimal resolution 1280×800 (TBC)
4) never attempt to focus change to other windows
5) be self-contained in a single folder (dependency dlls should be found there)
6) be started by executing a single .exe file”

Those who are voted as the finalists will then be judged at the Stattmedia Game Contest on February 17th 2012, and the winners will receive cold, hard cash as reward. First place gets 1200€,
second gets 600€ and third place wins 200€.

Find out more details about Experimental Gameplay Project and the 5 Buttons Competition at the official website.

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