The Advent of Indies Counts Down to Christmas with Free Games.


Rat King Entertainment has a treat better than chocolate (well, maybe) lined up for your advent countdown. The development duo, who are responsible for Pitman and TRI, are celebrating the season by presenting you with daily freeware games from the 1st to 24th of December. The games set to be featured in Advent of Indies come from various developers and cover numerous genres, nationalities and levels of popularity. Some of them are the products of game jams, some are more long-term freeware projects, and others have been created purely for the Advent of Indies promotion.

There are tons of free indie games out there, but it’s often difficult to sift through the ever-expanding pile to find the best ones. In this respect, Rat King Entertainment are offering a great service by simultaneously promoting indies that may have otherwise been lost in the scrum, and giving gamers a platform for no-hassle freeware discovery. So make sure you check out Advent of Indies in the build-up to Christmas for some cool free games! It’ll take your mind off all the money you’ve spent on presents and food for the big day.

The Advent of Indies website will be going live later today, and the first game will be available on the 1st of December. As if more reasons to get involved were needed, the event will  conclude with a prize drawing on the 24th so you can win yourself some timely gaming gifts.

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