The Binding Of Isaac Gets Unholy Edition



The Binding of Isaac is set to get a special retail release in the UK on March 16th with the version being dubbed the “Unholy Edition”. This will include a DRM free Version, free Steam gifting key, the award winning soundtrack, spectacularly weird poster and 40 page “Devzine”. Merge Games is teaming up with Headup Games to publish the Unholy Edition. The Binding of Isaac was described by IGM as awesome back in September 2011 and has been received well across the board.

Managing Director of Headup Games, Dieter Schoeller, expressed his delight at the partnership. He jokingly added, “Through our partnership with Merge Games to cover many more territories we are making at least sure that we are not the only ones going to hell for publishing the meanest, darkest and most unholy edition of The Binding of Isaac.”

The Binding of Isaac follows Isaac after he flees from his mother’s care after she hears the voice of God demanding a sacrifice. Along his journey he must battle monsters, overcome his fears and eventually face his own mother. The game is a randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements designed so that players will not play the same game twice. Over 100 unique items, 50 enemies and 20 bosses are featured in the game.

Merge Games can be followed on Facebook (Merge Games Ltd) or on Twitter (@MergeGamesLtd) in order to keep up with latest developments. Read the full IGM review here.

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