The EB Expo Wrap: Part Three – More Games


Alright, on to part three. Here’s another lot of great aussie games I had the luck to check out in person during my EB Expo adventure, starting with:

Giant Robot Destroy Everything (by Team Robot) - So instead of leading a giant robot into battle, why not try to defend the hero by drawing lines across the screen to deflect incoming fire from enemies? That’s what Giant Robot Destroy Everything (GRDE) is all about, and it’s easy to pick up and play so anyone should be able to get into it. GRDE is like an 80′s arcade game with a sprinkling of modern game play, or as the Team Robot guys like to call it, the elegance of Pong combined with the spectacle of the Power Rangers, which is actually rather spot on. It has to be said, deflecting enemy attacks in other enemies or using the barriers to block fast moving targets was rather satisfying. I had a lot of fun with this one, though I’ll need to work on my high score a bit!


Protocol E (by Silver Nova Software) - Being a Tron fan, Protocol E’s cyber inspired world caught my eye. It’s an RTS by nature, but in a very different style to the previously mentioned Frozen Hearth. Instead, you’re main hero craft will be surrounded by a number of minions, who you will lead into battle to take down the enemy as quickly as possible before they do the same to you. You’ll have different combat techniques, ranged minions and the ability to fully control were said minions go. There’s a few different game modes in the works too, though I think where this game will shine is in the competitive multiplayer scene. There’s plenty of potential there to build upon, why not try it and let me know what you think.


Bouncer (by Brennan Hatton) - Bouncer thankfully doesn’t have anything to do with that really bad Squaresoft game on the PS2. It’s a point and click puzzle game that you can download directly from the official site where you must correctly direct the bouncing ball towards the exit goal. Thankfully for me, failing a few times just gives you another ball to bounce and correct your mistake. While the existing bouncers stick around to remind you how bad your earlier attempts were. Not that I made that many mistakes. Honest. This is another one of those addictive puzzle games I just can’t seem to get away from, and that’s a good thing. It isn’t Brennan’s first game, but it’s arguably his most entertaining, so check it out!

Buzzy Republic (by Lime Rocket) - I briefly mentioned Buzzy Republic in part one, and it really is the kind of game you’ll have to pick up and play in order to understand the concept. What I did see though, was a team that’s really keen on building something beyond a standard MMO, where you can play anywhere at any time with anyone around the world. Like the above photo illustrates against a massive outdoor wall.

More specifically though, it’s about building a community around the concept of rebuilding a galaxy through multiple avenues. Say for example playing on a massive screen or said side of a building, while people wait at a bus stop or in between a time out at the basketball. While Buzzy Republic may act as a tech demo that other devs should be interested in getting to know more about the game itself looks the goods too! You can sign up for the game here.


BlastPoints (by Pub Games) - The action of BlastPoints is full on space combat. Built using the Unreal engine, what I saw looked very smooth and it’s great to see a combat game that makes use of the iPad’s grunt to create something visually powerful enough to pull off such a game style. The enemy A.I. seemed challenging, with a ton of them on screen at any one time without any sign of slowdown. Again, it’s the kind of game that’s perfectly suited to the multiplayer world, though there’s the promise of plenty of content and the ability to create your own ship from a plethora of part types and upgrades. If you’re a fan of Starfox 64 like I am, this one’s for you, so keep an eye out for it.

Vigilante: Speak for the Dead (by Divisive Media) - So imagine if you had your own clan and you wanted to put a hit out on another clan. You choose your target and set the price, then watch as every other clan around you reacts to your choice by either joining in or fighting against you. Vigilante gives you that choice among many others within its social building design, but like Buzzy Republic, it’s a little difficult to explain it all without getting in on the action. But you won’t have to wait long as it’s due very soon to coincide with the release of the Australian produced movie ‘John Doe’ (BSG alumni Jamie Bamber is in it!). As a social game, the concept is tremendous fun and apparently it’s already got some interesting feedback during beta testing, which came to a close just the other day.

Dream Chaser (by Evoke Method) - Last but certainly not least we have Dream Chaser, which is in early development but is already looking mighty promising. Like a cross between Temple Run with a deeper, more meaningful storyline. You’ll play a boy who runs through his own dreamscape jumping and dodging through very strange environments. I got some early hands on time with the dev build and though I’m not the best ‘runner’ in the business, I had fun with the concept and there’s certainly a market for games like it, especially something with solid controls. What’s also promising is the early character designs, the young boy in pyjamas not unlike the child from Where the Wild Things Are. You can check out the prototype and give the team some much needed feedback here.

Now I will have a lot more on all of these and the games I mentioned in my next part over the coming weeks, including some back story and behind the scenes exclusives. But in the meantime a big thank you to all of the studios who spent some time with me, the experience was one of a kind and I hope, for everyone involved, the feedback and support passed down by fans and devs alike was rewarding in itself.

Every game I played or checked continues to prove the consistent quality of production in the local Australian indie scene, which continually grows every day. As a fan and as a writer I’m proud and excited about what’s around the corner, and you should be too.

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