‘The Humble Indie Bundle 7′ A World Ending Bargain

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Now being so close to Christmas and the end of the year – and potentially world – we see the latest Humble Bundle coming out, and this one really is one you do not want to miss. believe me if the world ends tomorrow you will be most disappointed you didn’t pick up this bundle.

The last Humble Bundle was the THQ one and I am sure no one managed to escape the controversy that surrounded that release, and although containing some great games and selling incredibly well THQ are still circling the drain. However this one is much more indie and really gets back to the roots of Humble.

Launched yesterday The Humble Indie Bundle 7 contains arguably the best line up of games yet to grace the humble store, each one a classic in its own right. Seriously if you want an amazing deal for Christmas this is one the bundle to rule them all.

What little story Closure has is inferred, rather than explained.


The standard bundle (paying greater than $1) will net you the following titles:

  • Snapshot – An interesting new take on puzzle platformers as you must use your camera to solve puzzles. It’s a novel twist and it works well, a must play for any puzzle fan.
  • The Binding Of Isaac + Wrath Of The Lamb DLC – A fantastic Roguelike game that is hours and hours of fun. You must navigate your mum’s basement and save this child from his inevitable fate.
  • Closure – A dark and mysterious puzzle game that forces you to solve the puzzles with the use of light. Many interesting dynamics come about from this and it really creates some great new puzzle elements to solve.
  • Indie Game: The Movie – For any gamer this is a must watch film. The film follows several prominent indie developers at different stages in their projects as they overcome adversity to release their games. A heart warming tale that will ignite the spirit of the holiday season within you.
  • Shank 2 – A hyper stylized brawler full of frantic side scrolling action from start to finish. Containing a whole cache of weapons to choose from expect some stylistic deaths in this brilliant 2D side scroller.

These alone should make you need this bundle, however if you pay above the average (currently at $6.38) you will also get; Dungeon Defenders and Legend Of Grimrock.

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For just under $7 you are able to scoop up some of the best indie titles that have come out over the past couple of years, this really is a world ending deal. Remember you only have a matter of hours until the end of the world so act now, or forever be in regret from missing out on this amazing deal.

Point your browser over to the Humble store here and scoop up the best deal of the year.

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