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IGM Trailer
IGM trailer

This week in the IGM Trailer Park, we look at the biggest release of the week: Retro City Rampage, a little retro-styled game that has more game than you could possibly imagine. Then we shift moods and take a look at Anna, a first person nerve-buster that might offer some solid competition to Amnesia. We’ll also check out Luftrausers, a 2D WWII plane-shooter that features an awesome soundtrack. Planets Under Attack shows off some pretty colors in the name of galactic domination, and to round it all out is a trailer for Party of Sin, a platformer where the protagonists are embodied forms of the seven deadly sins. Turn off Jerry Springer, brush your mullet, and put on your Sunday Best, it’s time to go down to the trailer park.

Retro City Rampage

Trailer Type: Launch Trailer
Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PC, WiiWare, Xbox 360
Release Date: October 9th, 2012
Developer: Vblank Entertainment
Official Retro City Rampage Website

Double Wide Thumbs Up: You saw that gorilla bit right? What could possibly be cooler than the gorill— wait, did that guy just fly in and superhero ground-slam in the middle of traff— what, a racing game? Where did this come— robot arms? He has robot arms, too? Meat Boy? Bit Trip? What is happening to my brain?!

Trailer Trash: That horrible video frame. I get they were trying to go with the arcade cabinet feel, but the words and the pictures are practically unreadable unless you watch the YouTube video in full screen. And who does that?



Trailer Type: Launch Trailer
Platforms: PC
Release Date: Out Now
Developer: Dreampainters
Official Anna Website

Double Wide Thumbs Up: Everything in the trailer seems to be composed of in-game assets, which is always nice. The trailer shows off a good bit of the creepiness that players will face (the eyeball in the mouth…eesh), properly hyping the game up, which is a timely choice, considering the approach of Halloween. The actual soundtrack fit the tone of the trailer well, however…

Trailer Trash: …that singing was horrendous.  It totally sets the game as being very unintimidating, which while Anna may not be as upsetting as Amnesia, the trailer could have held a creepier tone better without the vocals. This reminded me a lot of this music video that played at the beginning of Silent Hill 3, I always thought it would have worked better without the lyrics. Tell me I’m wrong, in the forums.



Trailer Type: Teaser Trailer
Platforms: PC and Mac
Release Date: TBA
Developer: Vlambeer
Official Luftrausers Website

Double Wide Thumbs Up: Just like a good piece of candy, the teaser trailer was small, sweet, and to the point. The action was tight, the music was boomin’ and the planes were rocking it. Really liked how the trailer opened with live footage and the pixelated submarine surfaced and launched the plane up into gameplay footage. The old-film overlay was also a nice touch.

Trailer Trash:  I want to see more. But, it was a teaser trailer, so I guess it did its job. No real complaints.


Planets Under Attack

Trailer Type: Official Trailer
Platforms: PC and Mac
Release Date: Out Now
Developer: Targem Games
Official Planets Under Attack Website

Double Wide Thumbs Up: The trailer did a good job explaining game mechanics, and was a colorful attention-grabbing montage of action.

Trailer Trash: I wasn’t sure if I was looking at actual gameplay footage or not. Is that what the levels really look like? Is that how the aliens swarm? Unless it’s super obvious, pretend I’m dumb, and tell me it is actual gameplay footage.


Party of Sin

Trailer Type: Preview Trailer
Platforms: PC
Release Date: “Late 2012″
Developer: Party of Sin Team
Official Party of Sin Website

Double Wide Thumbs Up: The trailer was a great preview of the different class types, and what each will bring to the game, ability-wise. The freeze-zoom transitions between character classes were also a nice touch, showing the game has almost a comic book tone to it.

Trailer Trash: Some of the character transitions displayed a character-selection wheel, and others did not. A small, but noticeable oversight.


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