The Incredible ‘Incredipede’ Billed For A Late October Release


Now Incredipede has been in development for two years and it is finally looking like the game is starting to get close to the final stages of its cycle looking for a late October release this year. Incredipede is the second game from indie developer Colin Northway following a similar idea to his first game Fantastic Contraption with a similar construction element. A new gameplay trailer was released today showing how far this game has come check it out below:

Incredipede follows the story on Quozzle, A lone Incredipede on a dire quest to rescue her sisters. Her unique ability to grow additional extremities allows her to adapt the to various worlds and scenarios to overcome the challenges and succeed in her goal to reunite all her sisters. Incredipede features 60 levels in elegantly created worlds, with a gradual learning curve to allow you to get better acquainted with Quozzle and her unique abilities.


This looks to be shaping up to be quite the interesting puzzle game a bit different to the normal which is always nice to see. Incredipede also contains a level editor for users to generate their own content or allow others to try and take their own creature designs to the goal, in the hope that a vibrant community will allow an almost infinite number of unique and intriguing designs constantly keeping things fresh and new.

Incredipede will be aiming for a late October release with hopes of a beta soon to appease all the gamers who just can’t wait for the official release. Colin Northway is hoping to get a place on Steam via the Greenlight community project so keep an eye out over their if this game does appeal to you. Be sure to check IGM frequently for news as it breaks about Incredipede.

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