The Start Of Something: ‘Journey’ Demo Now Available On US PSN


With this week’s PlayStation Store update, those who haven’t already purchased and experienced the magic of thatgamecompany’s Journey can now do so via a demo.

It’s unthinkable that there are people out there who haven’t had the pleasure of playing through Journey at least once by now. Perhaps there are those who are not sure if the game is for them – after all, it’s certainly quite unique so some apprehension might be understandable. Regardless, the game picked up rave reviews just about everywhere, including at IGM of course as you can read here.

What is the game all about? We’ll avoid the easy answer which is to point you to the demo which is now available. Basically, with Journey, you start off in a desert and are not given any clear instructions throughout the entire game, though an ominous mountain beckons you in the distance. You’ll be exploring some beautiful landscapes, gliding and sliding as you go, and you’ll probably be accompanied throughout with a number of partners who resemble you – this is the game’s subtle use of multiplayer.

As said, it’s best to just go and download the demo without so much knowledge of the game and just to try it out for yourself. If you like it then you may as well make a purchase, you won’t regret it. The demo is only available for US customers at the moment but we’re sure it will turn up in other regions very soon.

More information on Journey can be found over on the game’s official website.

Via PlayStation Blog

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