Theme Prison? Introversion Reveal ‘Prison Architect’

Prison Architect
Prison Architect

Introversion Software have released the first teaser of their next title, Prison Architect. Remember Theme Hospital? Yeah, it kind of looks like that, instead you build and manage a maximum security prison.

Now, I know some of you are going, “Introversion Software, where have I heard of that before?” Well, for those of you with short-term memory loss, do you recall the Humble Introversion Bundle? You know, the one which had all of Introversion’s previous games in, as well as a couple of prototypes. Ah, there you go.

Right, now Prison Architect is actually part of an ongoing ‘treasure hunt‘ set by Introversion themselves. The clues were hidden in the various titles released as part of the bundle, the two pictures below were found in the City Generator and the Voxel tech demos respectively.

City GenVoxel Gen


No one would have been able to guess what these clues amounted to, but apparently Introversion had placed them in there to tease the announcement of Prison Architect. Now comes the time when they deliver the first teaser of the fabled game, and we are liking the art style and premise of it all around. The soundtrack is rather, as one forum poster described, “edgy”. It certainly counteracts the comic art style the game adopts. Take a look yourself and see what you think:


So, what now, you may ask? Of course, Introversion have now come clean and revealed that they have allowed both PC Gamer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun to have a go with the game. The RPS preview can be read over on the site and is generally very positive, concluding:

“Crucially, I suppose, Prison Architect does have the feel of the classic “Theme” games, and I can see it eating the same sort of mass of hours that Theme Hospitals and their ilk got through”

RPS also note that it does not “feel” so much like a typical Introversion game, it certainly shares a completely different art style to their previous titles. This is in large part due to their new artist, Ryan Sumo, who took care of the comic look of Prison Architect. He also provided the polaroid art, which have also now been revealed of course, as can be seen below:


There is not really any more information on Prison Architect at the moment, but we have been promised that more information will fruition on the official website, that is to be precise. So just keep an eye on that to satisfy your crave for information.

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