‘To The Moon’ Headed For Steam, Sequel In Progress

To The Moon
To The Moon

Boy, there are a lot of good games out there, but very rarely do I get the chance to write about the ones that I would consider dear favourites. In this case though, Freebird Games’ To The Moon is very much that game. It’s the finest experience I had last year that didn’t involve me being away from my computer monitor. And that’s a fairly bold statement for me to make.

For those of you who don’t already own it, or do but prefer your games to be categorised alphabetically in one terrifying list, To The Moon is coming to Steam on September 7th.

A lot of people throw around phrases like ‘one of the best…’ or ‘could be considered…’ when talking about games, but not me and not here. If you have a heart and you don’t mind games putting characterisation and plot ahead of running, jumping, killing, etc, then you’ll want to experience this one. Play it and love it.

To be clear, Steam isn’t the only online outlet that will be offering the game come this date (it’s been up on Gamersgate for some time) but it’s a title worthy of promotion and I hope this move might put it in the hands of many who weren’t previously aware of its existence. Naturally, if you want to maximise your support for the developer, buy To The Moon directly from the source.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you make a trailer:

Creator Kan Gao has also provided some information concerning the sequel with this announcement. Or perhaps that isn’t the word. Side-quel? Basically, the game is currently in progress and will feature the two doctors from the first game, Neil and Eva, as they tackle another patient’s dying wishes. No overarching narrative will connect the two, it being ‘just another day at the job’. For this I cannot wait.

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  1. Reeves

    GOG has had it for a few months and it’s DRM-Free on GOG. I wouldn’t buy anything on Steam, as wouldn’t many others who care about Steam’s monopoly and it’s insistence on controlling how you play your games.

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