‘Total Miner: Forge’ Dethrones ‘FortressCraft’ As Best Selling XBLIG Title

Total Miner: Forge
Total Miner: Forge

Both heavily inspired by Minecraft, Total Miner: Forge and FortressCraft locked horns but it was the former that came out on top, having now pushed out more units than the latter on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace.

Projector Games’ FortressCraft Chapter 1 was the best selling XBLIG title for quite a while – it even hit the 1 million units sold mark just a couple of weeks back. Despite that, as you can see right here, it seems that Total Miner: Forge, a game not too dissimilar from FortressCraft, has beaten that record and taken the proverbial crown. Saying that, both games are clearly selling very well on the platform so you could say that they’re both winners, no?

There’s no real evidence to suggest why Total Miner might have taken over FortressCraft in this case. Indeed, both games are receiving regular updates, in fact they’re both receiving or already have texture packs to make the games look better most recently. They both cost the same, both have multiplayer and both involve crafting and all of that good stuff. Perhaps it’s the anticipation of Total Miner‘s upcoming 1.8 update that tipped it over the edge?

As detailed in the developer’s diary, the update will fix many lighting issues, introduce a day and night cycle as well as fix other niggles that the developer hopes will make the game run smoother and allow for larger maps.

Doesn’t seem that terribly exciting, does it? Whatever it is, there’s the news. Over and out.

You can find out more information on Total Miner over on the official website and it’s available to purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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  1. I2thesky

    Hey Chris, There is actually quite a bit of difference between FortressCraft and Total Miner.

    FortressCraft seems geared toward building and sharing your builds, with infinate worlds and custom blocks. Kinda like an infinite virtual lego set.

    Total Miner on the other hand is a more traditional gaming experience, with linear progression, enemies and a final goal. At the same time as offering the super sandbox freedom that voxel games have brought to the market.

    Total Miner seemed to start to push FortressCraft from the top when they added online multiplayer, unlockable avatars, NPCs and a bunch of other stuff.
    Total Miner’s 1.8 update will have HD textures, a day and night cycle, more block types, more world seeding options, possibly more enemies and possibly infinite worlds.

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents ;)

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