Trains, Zombies And Space: 3 New Free Games Now Up On Desura

3 New Free Games On Desura
3 New Free Games On Desura

Desura seems to be having a bit of a free game marathon at the moment; just today, three free games have just been made available on the store front that are certainly worth checking out.

It is unknown why all of a sudden three free games have been uploaded on to Desura, but who are we to complain? Each of them involve shooting in some form or another, albeit each of them manage the art in a different manner, with varying paces and different targets at the end of it.

Bullet Train

This shooter from Box Top Games is a short but frantic experience in which you must defend a cargo upon a train from various enemies in a Western setting. This isn’t a simple cowboy shooter though – you’ll be shooting animate cacti, tumbleweed spiders and rock titans amongst other desert-based creatures. Every time you reach a station there are new weapons and upgrades to buy. The most fun can be had when jumping into a turret and mowing everything down in your wake.

Download Bullet Train for Windows by heading on over to its Desura page.


Zombie Grinder

Twin Drills’ debut title involves a familiar trope if there ever was one; the killing of zombies. However, the focus of Zombie Grinder is providing cooperative multiplayer arcade mayhem. There are multiple game modes up for grabs too: co-op campaign, PvP and even wave maps for the ultimate zombie carnage challenge. The game provides further variety and replayability with achievements, ranking, player-customization, RPG style stats and more good stuff!

You can download Zombie Grinder for Windows, Mac and Linux from its very own Desura page.



The vast grandeur of space is opened up to you once again in Naev. Exploration, battles and trading is what will keep you occupied in this space operatic journey. Factions will be met, spoken to and pissed off and you will meet the consequences for you actions and inactions – this is space after all, we all know that humans in space always mounts to conflict and war.

Naev is available on Window, Mac and Linux and can be downloaded if you dock into its Desura loading bay.


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