From Games To TV ‘TROVA’ Delivers All You Home Entertainment To Your TV

TROVA image 01
TROVA image 01

We are living in an ever evolving digital landscape. The scenery continues to change in a fluid manner as new devices come about and old ideas are removed due to redundancy.

The reason everything is changing is down to the internet and as our technologies start to catch up to what is possible over the world wide web more innovative devices are brought into the market and this is where TROVA comes in. Trova Networks have just set up an IndieGoGo campaign and are looking for help from you. Check out the campaign video below:

TROVA is the latest innovation to completely integration all your multimedia into your TV.  Creating a platform that will deliver Films, TV shows,  apps, and Games. This is achieved  via the TROVA set-top box that runs on the ever more popular Android operating system, this also creates for an open platform to base the system.

The idea of TROVA is to bring everything that can be displayed on your TV to your TV, the best thing is how open the platform is. The developers are adamant to keep the platform as open and accessible for everyone as they can. Which means you will be able to access channels from around the world and you will also be able to access a great variety of apps and games globally.

The icing on the cake is that you will be able to take your creativity to the new system.  With TROVA you can design all manner of games, apps and even create Films or TV shows to be accessed on the platform and share them with the world.

TROVA - content based selling

TROVA is trying to put the audience once again at the heart of programming. No longer will you be stuck with hundreds of channels and nothing to watch, TROVA allows true on demand programming and versatility straight to your TV.

It’s an exciting new platform that aims to bring all your entertainment to you via your TV in a much more open and transparent way than previous attempts. And the boxes will only set you back around $99 which is a very reasonable price point for such a full service.


TROVA is currently on IndieGoGo in an attempt to raise the funds to kick out the production of the devices as soon as possible. They have a rather large $750 000 goal to try to achieve, but with your help they can make it. Be sure to check out their IndieGoGo page here for all the information. Also be sure to check out the official Trova Network site here.

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