TwoTribes At It Again: Edge Now Releasing On Steam


Mobigames are a French indie game company who made the award-winning portable game Edge – a retro style puzzle platformer in which you roll a cube around the many block-based levels to (I have to admit) a fantastic sountdtrack. It seems that the game was good enough to impress developers TwoTribe Games who have a history of supporting indie developers in redeveloping and distributing their games to more platforms. Like Swords & Soliders and Frenzic before it, Edge is now being made available on Steam, Valve’s digital distribution service. We cannot praise TwoTribes enough for their philosophy and work, they are doing wonderful things for indie developers right now.

TwoTribes offer the following description of Edge:

“Players take direct control of a cube as it rolls around dozens of block-based levels in search of colorful prisms and the fastest routes. Throughout the game’s levels, unique techniques – such as the balancing act called ‘EDGE time’ – are introduced to deepen the experience. To top it all off, EDGE will include all the content of the soon to be released iOS game ‘EDGE extended’ as free post-launch DLC!”

The release date for the Steam release of Edge has been set for August 11th and will be available on PC and Mac. There are to be bonus levels created by TwoTribes, 30 achievements to reach for and time-based leaderboards for the competitive of you out there.

Visit the official TwoTribes website at

The official trailer for Edge:

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