‘Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows’- Combo TPP and RTS Coming Soon


The Warsaw Uprising has played a bit role in common storytelling of WWII. The civilian force that was the Silent Shadows, a before their time military group which preceded modern day special forces, fought behind enemy lines to use diversionary tactics and secure a resistance against the Third Reich. While this story is a part of history it has yet to become a part of video game history. That was until DMD Enterprise recently announced they would be developing Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows.

The goal of Uprising 44 is to combine two separate but compatible genres with the backdrop of an important battle in WWII. Uprising 44 uses both third person shooter and real-time strategy elements. Players will participate in gun fights in which they receive orders to take command of the fighting. Once out of a gun fight players can find a good command post from which they can pull out their binoculars and send orders to the troops battling below.

The combination of real-time strategy and third-person action are the primary mechanics used throughout the game. They are accompanied by an intricate cover system, which is vital to the strategy of a third-person shooter. Whilst fighting players will be introduced to a robust WWII inspired storyline as well as fitting audio, environments, and music.  The story attempts to capture personal tragedy, the immense scale of fighting on the streets, and the impact of the Silent Shadows on the war.

Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows is set for release on the 15th of September through multiple distribution channels. For more information on Uprising 44, head over to its official website. For all your other indie game needs, stick with Indiegamemag.com.

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