Weave Your Tale: ‘Storybricks’ Developers Seek Funding


With all the sophisticated editing tools currently available to the public, it’s easer than ever before to feel a sense of empowerment within the video gaming medium. But despite every stage of evolution in the development of user creation tools, the Holy Grail – producing actual games – remains agonisingly elusive for simple laymen like me.

Perhaps those days are at an end. Thanks to a tip from the top brass at Video Games Interactive, we feel compelled to raise awareness for a delightful looking project that aims to do just that. Storybricks, an ambitious project that allows players to create extensive, story-driven MMO experiences by simply putting bricks together on one screen, is looking splendid, but it needs public funding to see its potential manifest itself in reality.

And thus another Kickstarter campaign was born. The San Francisco-based team are looking for $250,000 worth of dosh to make sure that Storybricks fits their lofty creative vision. Their first goal will be to release the game’s complex development tools, after which the studio hopes to recruit a few capable new faces to allow players to implement emergent NPC gameplay, and a myriad of other exciting features, into players’ creations.



And let it be said that Storybricks is far from a distant figure on the gaming horizon. Among its admirers is none other than Chris Avellone, one of the designers behind both the iconic Planescape: Torment and the upcoming Wasteland 2, who claims that Storybricks could be to gaming narrative what Minecraft has been to user-generated mini-worlds. That, my friends, is more than a little mind-blowing if it turns out to be true.

The development team is still weighing up potential pricing structures for Storybricks, but they note that a $20 launch price, along with an optional $5 per year subscription model for users wishing to upload extra creations, is the most likely model to be implemented.

To find out more about Storybricks, take a look at its official site. To become a financial backer of the project, check out its Kickstarter page.

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