Will You Help Out ‘Ortus’? – A Very Promising RPG


This is one for the RPG fanatics! Ortus is a medieval fantasy RPG and is looking fantastic, however, the developers need to make that last push to make the game as big and great as they plan and are looking for funding on Kickstarter to achieve that.

The small studio creating Ortus have set themselves a very ambitious goal – to create the greatest indie RPG ever! Sounds like the trumped up dreams of those in over their heads right? Before jumping to that rash conclusion, we suggest taking the time to check the project out yourself, Ortus certainly has a lot of promise.

As is outlined in the above video, Ortus is planned to be a vast, traditional RPG with as much choice as an avid RPG fan could wish for. All of the typical traits of an RPG feature in Ortus, talking to NPC’s, battling enemies and upgrading your character; but the hope is that every time you play Ortus you will come to a different end. A lot of people have been attracted to this very idea, as well as what the developers have already displayed of Ortus. Unfortunately, their funds dried up recently just as they were reaching the home stretch, and so they are asking for your help to make Ortus the game it should be.

You will be compensated for your funding in some very exciting ways. Depending on how much you donate you could end up designing a quest, an NPC, a companion or a monster. You could receive custom made art, get into beta testing and get your hands on the soundtrack featuring vocals from award winning Lisa Gerrard (Gladiator, Man On Fire, Ali). There’s a whole range of rewards for helping these guys out, and of course you will be helping them out with the development of what is undeniably a very promising game.

Their is a slight urgency with the funding though, as they have less than a week to reach their $20,000 goal, and are only $5,000 away from reaching that. If you didn’t know, Kickstarter works in a way that means if they do not reach that $20,000 goal, they do not get any of the money. So if you are interested in Ortus, now is the time to make it clear!

To contribute to funding for Ortus, please go over to the Kickstarter page and check out more information on the game, see what kind of rewards you can get, and have a laugh at the developer’s behind the scene video.

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