Winter Is Coming: ‘Richard & Alice’ Reveal Trailer Released

Richard & Alice
Richard & Alice

Just last week, we had the distinct honour of exclusively unveiling Richard & Alice, an intriguing new point-and-click adventure game from journalists Ashton Raze and Lewis Denby. Messrs. Raze and Denby have now taken things a step further by releasing the first item of video footage of the game in the form of an official reveal trailer.

The trailer gives a brief insight into some of the game’s basic gameplay mechanics, but its main point of focus is the overarching story and exposition behind Richard & Alice‘s setting and characters. It’s also the first time we’ve been able to sample the game’s light, melancholy soundtrack, composed by Yonatan Luria.

The developers are provisionally targeting a 2012 release date for Richard & Alice on PC, but a specific release date is yet to be decided upon.




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