Xbox Rock: ‘A-Band’ Releases Today


Xbox 360-owning rockers would be well advised to turn up to 11 today as A-Band, a new rhythm-based game from Flammable Games, releases on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.

The game makes use of Xbox 360 drum peripherals, presumably those bundled with such music game genre luminaries as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, to provide what looks to be a traditional high-score pursuit with a rhythmic flavour in tow. Flammable notes that “12 of the most promising indie rock bands from places such as U.S., Spain, Germany, Japan, Australia or Brazil” are all part and parcel of A-Band‘s Arcade Mode, bringing an international edge to proceedings.

Perhaps more intriguing are the game’s other two gameplay modes, named Record Studio and School of Rock respectively. As the name suggests, Record Studio will allow players to compose, record and playback their own musical creations, although there’s no word yet on whether or not the sharing of user created content will be permitted. School of Rock is touted as more of an instructional tool for budding drummers, allowing players to build up their drumming skills by memorising beats and drum fills.

For more information on A-Band, have a look at its official site.



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