You Fund It (Week 1)

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Hello and welcome to the of IGM’s You Fund It series! Each week we will showcase 5 Kickstarter projects that we at IGM think are totally worth funding. Here we go:

 fields of fresh


Fields of Fresh by PawByte:  Are you sick of farming games with no soul? Fields of Fresh seeks to change the monotony, grinding and lack of characterization pervasive in many farm games, by producing a RPG about 21st century farmers.  PawByte claims that they “… want to show people that farmers aren’t merely hermits on a farm, concentrating only on growing crops and livestock” by showing “… others what many people have to deal with in the agricultural world.” Fields of Fresh will be available on Linux, Mac, Windows, the OpenPandora and possibly Android and OUYA.

Why you should fund it: If you like farming games, but want something more from your farming characters, Fields of Fresh promises to deliver.




iControlPad2 by Product 3 LCC: The iControlPad2 is an open source controller that will work with any device with Bluetooth capabilities, including mobile devices. The controller has a full QUERTY keyboard in addition to mouse and joystick simulation will also work with almost any application, regardless as to whether or not the app supports it.  The keyboard itself is the size of an iPhone4 and a working prototype has already been produced. Furthermore, as the keyboard layout hasn’t been finalized, Product 3 LCC is “welcoming input on the layout and any special keys which might be of benefit to such a controller.”

Why you should fund it: The iControlPad2 offers a bluetooth keyboard option that can be used by all devices, regardless of manufacture or OS. If you want a great portable keyboard option and/or if you’re sick of having to get different equipment for different devices, this keyboard is for you.




Brainworth by Brainworth: This game consists of different levels that teach different elements of coding in HTML5, as you play. The content for the game is being developed by a team of computer scientists and testers from universities in the United States and Australia such as Caltech, Berkley and The University of Sydney. There are demos of the game already available on the Kickstarter page that are both fun and comprehensive, however, the final product is going to be more than just a few simple games: the goal of the Kickstarter project is to give players “as much content as you’d find in a top quality 13 week college class.” Brainworth will be released on multiple platforms, including mobile.

Why you should fund it: Anyone who would love to make games but doesn’t want to stop playing them to learn how to code will love this game. It’s also a great way for students to learn and reinforce their coding skills.




ScrumbleShip by Dirkson: ScrumbleShip promises to bring players “the most accurate space combat simulation. Ever”, this will include “voxels, heat simulation, kilometer long spaceships, real world materials, organic ships, and awesome music”. The game is already available as a demo for Windows and Linux, with a Mac version expected to be released within the next couple of months and currently allows players to build their ships and fly around space. Once the game is complete ScrumbleShip will offer open world multiplayer as well as many more awesome features.

Why you should fund it: If you like a heaping dose of realism with your space games, ScrumbleShip is the game for you.


rubber bandito


Rubber Bandito by Cold Dish: Rubber Bandito is a Shaman who loses his village to steampunk industrialists that want to mine the land for resources. “Pushed to the edge”, he fights to get his land back in a 16-bit platform style touch screen game for iOS and Android devices. The game’s interface consists of slingshot controls with an aim-release system, couples with typical up-down, left-right and jump-double-jump controls. The steampunk cyborg battling adventure spans 5 worlds and promises to be a good time.

Why you should fund it: If you’re looking for a great retro style game for your mobile device, Rubber Bandito will deliver.

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