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We here at Indie Game Magazine work to provide information that centers around the development of games, videos, and apps. Indie Game Magazine also comes with a highly passionate and talented team of game developers that however do lack the tools and resources that other developers at big branded studios and companies get. We are here to provide the solution to the same. Apart from providing the perfect platform to our developers, we with the help of our mother company Linking News promote gaming products developed by these developers on the world stage through online press releases.

Global exposure for independent game developers

Over the years, Linking News has built credible, long-standing relations with several top media sites, 300+ to be precise, news outlets, journalists and over 1000 social media channels through which the games developed by Indie Game developers can be promoted. Some of the notable media sites Linking News has built links with are FOX, Reuters, ABC, CBS, etc. We can get the gaming content spread like wildfire, giving exposure to Indie Game developers equivalent to what others get at top gaming companies.

Would you like to become an independent game developer?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student interested in developing a game or a full-time working professional eager to build a game of your own, Indie Game Magazine has you covered! You can start working as an independent game developer. All you need to have is game development skills or a team of developers that can bring alive your thoughts. Just go ahead; we will take care of marketing your product. Our mother company Linking News can get your game content featured on major news sites to bring business.

Wide reach; great recognition and impact

This is the era when you cannot restrict yourself to a small region. You need to get discovered and reach out to target audiences across boundaries. Linking News has a great network through which you can reach out to the masses effortlessly. Just focus on the development of your game and leave the rest to us. Linking News will make sure to distribute your content far and wide. You will be better recognized and sought after over the others. Be there before your audience and make an impact before anybody else does.