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Gaming is a vast world. It is based on technology that is quickly moving ahead with new trends, changes, and innovations. Every other day, a something new emerges that catches up with app development. Be it a video production, a game development or a simple application, technology has taken over literally everything. It is the most dynamic thing to be seen in recent times.

We Help You Carve an Image for Yourself

As a gaming magazine and marketing platform for game developers, we, Indie Game Magazine have started to lead the industry relating to gaming information. We not only provide the required information for our customers and developers but make it a point to promote the developed apps and games as well. This is best assured with our mother company Linking News doing a great job. The platform has built several notable links with media outlets, news sites, and journalists worldwide that have enabled us to take your content places. We help you develop an image that you had been struggling to build until now.

Brand Awareness

When you trust us, you can sit back and relax. Our mother company Linking News can get your gaming website featured on top news sites such as FOX, Reuters, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. This improves your brand awareness; you will be seen as a reputed brand since you are visible on trusted news sites. People believe you and prefer your games and apps over the others in the market. Linking News also has connections with 1000 social media channels and over 30,000 journalists; when you are seen all over, you will be hard to miss. People remember you and choose to align with your products.

100% White Label Service

Another notable feature is Linking News offers White Label press release services. This means, your content when published on online news sites and social channels will go unbranded. As a gaming entrepreneur, you would certainly want to keep your PR and marketing strategies unknown to your competitors, isn’t it so? Otherwise, you will have the risk of them copying your policies and strategies.

When you choose us, your content will not be published on the Linking News official website. Neither will the brand “Linking News” appear on your content. When you are perceived as not having a third party promoting your products, you are seen as being “credible.”

Design, Development, and Press Release Solutions

We have talented modelers in 3D art, concept design and animation, textures, 2D and UI designing that can work on Android, iOS, AR, virtual reality, desktop, phones, and Windows. These are promoted by our mother company Linking News to be seen by the target audience. The top-rated media outlets can bring you great business.

Improve Your Gaming Website’s SEO Ranking

Valuable backlinks from trusted news sites can bring huge traffic to your gaming site. These backlinks have an authority and a voice that other ordinary sites cannot guarantee. Make sure to adopt good SEO strategies; we, with the assistance of Linking News, will promise to bring you loads of quality leads.