‘Valley 2’ Mouse Support And Extended OST Release

The randomly generated platformer and real-time strategy game known as Valley 2 is out, but knowing Arcen Games, the game is sure to have many more content updates in the future.

After the launch of Valley 2 there was a small update that has added mouse-aiming support. One of the major transitions from A Valley Without Wind to its sequel was the refined platforming controls that were designed for the keyboard or a gamepad. While Arcen Games previously stated that the mouse controls would not be supported in Valley 2, it has now been implemented for the portion of the community that prefers that control method.


In addition, Pablo Vega, the composer for Valley 2, has released the A Valley Without Wind 2 Soundtrack as well as the extended version with thirty-six bonus tracks on Bandcamp. You can purchase either one for $5 or $10. The twelve central tracks include the theme carried from A Valley Without Wind and remixed for Valley 2‘s theme as well as the epic masterpiece “To One Who’ll Stand And Fight” as featured in the launch trailer.

Valley 2 was released February 18th of this year; visit the official website.

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