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We Let You Pursue Your Dreams

Reaching business goals is the ultimate aim of any business, and this is no different for gaming businesses. At Indie Game Magazine, we understand this fact better than anyone else in the gaming community and have therefore connected up with Linking News, the best press release service for promoting your gaming website and products.

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For any business, marketing is the soul. Even the best of products and services fail due to lack of appropriate marketing techniques and policies. At Indie Game Magazine, you can expect to take great advantage of global marketing with ease. Yes, our Mother company Linking News has connections worldwide with thousands of media outlets and hundreds of news sites apart from several social media channels. By choosing us, you can get your content featured on such sites and get noticed.

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Press releases are a great way of reaching out to your targets. While you can use SEO tactics to enhance traffic to your site, it would best work when there are backlinks from trusted sites. This is where we excel. Linking News gets your gaming content featured on trusted news sites such as Reuters, FOX, ABC, NBC, etc., through which backlinks can really work wonders for you. Choose us and gear up to handle enhanced traffic to your gaming website. Most of this traffic is of high quality giving you a great opportunity for sales conversion.

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Who doesn’t want to lead the market? Every business dreams about that! If you are one among such dreamers, choose us and get set to lead your industry! Our credible relations with Linking News can assure you huge success. You will be seen on all key news sites and reach out to large gaming audiences through which you are sure to get loads of leads. Linking News taps into the remotest, untapped markets to give you an edge you will admire. Grow your sales and become the market leader; with us, success is not far off!

We are in!

We appreciate those that work to create fun apps and engaging online games and would take pride in doing good to such talented individuals. Here’s where we come in. We love gaming and the gaming community out there. We have strived and will strive in the future as well to give our customers and independent developers the information they need about the developments and trends in the gaming world. Our mother company, Linking News, will take these gaming products far and wide, even to the remotest corners to make sure they are discovered and opted for.

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Would you love to reach your business goals early in life? Do you want to be unique and utilize every opportunity to your advantage? Love to go places and get recognized?

Well, if your answer is “Yes” to all these questions, choose us. Get gaming information and promote your gaming business all under one roof!