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Thread: Exclusive beta testing opportunity (iOS)

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    Exclusive beta testing opportunity (iOS)

    (Hi mods, I hope this post is okay here - if not, I'll gladly take it down)

    Hi there,

    Do you enjoy getting a first look at new games and prototypes and help shape their future? We're recruiting a new small batch of beta testers for iOS games from world-class studios. Your feedback will be heard directly by the game's designers and creative leads.

    Testers are expected to give truthful feedback while playing the game and need to own a recent iPhone or iPad like the iPad 3, iPhone 5 or newer and a headset (microphone + headphones) for it.

    This is your chance to participate in the development of the next mobile top game!

    Register here using and we'll notify you if you're selected: Signup

    Vanessa from PlaytestCloud
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